Thirst Wine Club

This is our wine club for the budding wine geek, for the folks who know there’s a big world of wine out there and want help diving in. Every month, you'll get two wines chosen by our experts. They'll be made by real people, have a real sense of place, and be made with minimal intervention. Plus, we include stories about each wine and recipes to pair. By joining the Thirst club, you get to try new wines every month while deepening your wine knowledge and having a great time.


What's Included:

  • 2 bottles of thirst-quenching wine every month.
  • 10% off all purchases at Dedalus.
  • Stories about the wines that will deepen your wine knowledge and take you on adventures into the world of wine.
  • Recipes to pair, so you can see how great wine and food work magic at the table.

Please note: If you place an order for a recurring club membership after the 1st but before the last day of a given month, you will be charged at the time of purchase for that month's selections, which you can pick up at any time. Your recurring club charge will process on the 1st of every subsequent month until cancelled